Edub Mod D9Patch

This is my favorite quilt that I have made… so far.  A modern disappearing 9 patch.  I am currently writing and testing the pattern for this so stay tuned.  If you want to test the pattern, leave me your information.

My Favorite Finish

Courtesy of Wendy Bermingham

This quilt is so beautiful to me!  It is a creation from Wendy Bermingham but she will be quick to say that Chelsea O’Harye helped pick the fabric.  A wonderful collaboration. @wendybzquilting @pinkdoorfabrics


2016 Sew My Stash of Scraps

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 5.40.09 PMWhat to do with the scraps I have.  The ones I loved when they were fat quarters or yardage.  After finishing a project, I know I shouldn’t throw the scraps away.  Pretty soon I have too many to ignore.  Today I started a January Project.  Sew MY Stash of Scraps.  I finished yellow, green, and aqua.  I do not feel guilty getting rid of the scraps that are left from these blocks.  I can say that I have used them more than once and I wasn’t wasteful. Maybe next January I will do the same with the scraps I collect this year.  Stay tuned.

The Year My Guild Truly Bonded

IMG_1977Seeing this quilt hanging at the International Quilt Festival made my eyes tear up.  My heart even raced for a moment and then a beautiful calm filled me full.  This quilt is the brain child of The Denver Metro Modern Quilt Guild.  One member had an idea and  presented it at a meeting.  By the following meeting we were laying out the blocks that 28 members had made and contributed.  And then at the next month’s meeting we were all standing in front of it in a state of amazement.  It bonded us like no other project could.  I’m still collecting my thoughts on why this has had such an impact on our guild, however, for now I can say that I know it has made us bold and confident in our voice as a guild.

Schnitzel and Boo Mini Swap

project miniI am more than a little nervous to send off my schnitzel and boo mini. Making something for a complete stranger, what was I thinking? The hashtag #makeaquiltmakeafriend was the siren that sucked me into another challenge and although I am glad, I do think I am a little crazy. A mini? Really! I did not think this one through. I am not that great of a piecer and a mini can truly show off all the short comings of matching corners, points, etc. However, my imagination saved me and I decided to focus on my quilting and do one of my soon to be famous wonky stars with lots of negative space. I also plan to put some enviable goodies into the box when I mail it off today. Other surprises should lesson the blow of a non-intricate pieced mini. I hope I can call my swap buddy a friend!!!