Pricing Guidelines

IMG_1288Pricing varies for each project and the following are the guidelines I use.  I can give you a pretty good estimate once I see your quilt top.

Edge to Edge Quilting

Edge to edge quilting is the process of using a repetitive pattern over a designated area of the quilt.  It could be literally from the left edge of the quilt to the right edge of the quilt.  Or it could be just the center of the quilt, the the borders or surrounding areas quilted separately.

Edge to Edge Pricing:

  • Loose density:  .025/square inch  (example:  30” x 30” quilt would cost $22.50)
  • Moderate density:  .03 to .0375/square inch
  • Dense:  .0375 to .045/square inch

If you desire custom border along with the edge to edge:

  • Loose fill:  .035/square inch
  • Moderate fill:  .035 to .045/square inch
  • Dense:  .0375 to .04/square inch

Custom Quilting

Custom quilting can sound intimidating but it is one way to make your project truly unique.  Custom quilting can include borders, individual blocks, echoes, or other quilting styles that you desire.

As with any quilting (whether edge to edge or custom) I will work with you in developing a quilting design for your piece and within your budget.  I have over 3,000 quilt patterns currently and I am always acquiring more.

Custom quilting ranges from .035 to .055/square inch.  I will provide a detailed estimate before I begin any of the quilting and we will work together on this process.  It is so much easier to communicate now, that you will have a very good visual of what the quilting will look like.

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  1. Sharon Weihrauch

    I have a pieced baby quilt top which I would like to have machine quilted. Do you have time to quilt this for me? If so, when can we meet?

  2. I have a Jacobean Xmas tree skirt I would like custom quilted. I live east of Fort Collins but like your work. Could we meet on a Saturday to discuss a design? Thanks!

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