Purging, Purging, Purging, Ugh

This weekend we are clearing out our basement so that we can have it finished.  As with most people, we have a lot of stuff.  We moved to this house a few years ago and in that process purged and the last few years I’ve been mindful that the day will come that everything still down there will come upstairs.  So, I thought that I was doing a great job purging, even after our move.  Let me say, this past week I have become friends with the drop off man at our new Goodwill Store!  I’m gonna miss him.

That is my way of complaining that I had to make some decisions on what to give away, what to pack away (for the duration of the build) and what I will focus on the next 10 weeks.  My quilting machine will be moved upstairs, right in the middle of our living space.  I think it is a good time to focus on long arming and have my personal quilt projects on hold for awhile.  Here is a photo of the machine as it is now, in the basement.  I’ll post what it looks like upstairs in a week.  My family is going to get tired of the staccato of the stitches, but I won’t.


Patriotic Quilting for Ana

I am not ashamed to say — I love this quilting!!  This is just the beginning of the quilting on a patriotic batik quilt top that I’m doing for Ana Martinez, a fellow MQG Portland Sewdown quilter.  I was challenged by this pattern and I am happy with the results… so far…


Great way to start the week

I love new intense projects, but starting the week with an easy one definitely makes things run smoothly.  As with any project, there is never completion without some sort mishap like the bobbin running out right before you are complete!!!  I enjoyed quilting these pebbles onto the Nani Iro double gauze.  It looked great and was so soft after I took it off the machine.  I think this one might be up for sale soon at The Little Donkey Shop on Etsy.  But, first it will be used for a tutorial on glue basting the binding for machine sewing.  I’ll keep you posted on where to view the blog post for that tutorial.Nani Iro double gauze

Aunt Shirley’s Quilt

Here is a quilt that has really mattered to me.  Several years ago, probably more than a dozen, my mother-in-law, Jane, told me about a quilt that her sister-in-law, Shirley, was putting together.  Shirley was gathering fabrics from all over during their travels.  She was also hand cutting and hand piecing this future masterpiece.  Skip forward to last year and I had the opportunity to quilt this beauty for Shirley.  It became a family affair.  Shirley and her daughter-in-law had finished the top.  Jane told her about my love of quilting and desire to finish it for her.  The four of us banded together across the miles to finish this beautiful masterpiece.  This past week the Wade family celebrated Shirley’s life and although I wasn’t able to go to the funeral, my mother-in-law said that amongst a display of things Shirley loved was the quilt.  Jane said she enjoyed sharing the story of the quilt’s making with all the relatives.  Quilts really do matter!

Shirley's on the Machine MOD


Aunt Shirley' Quilt
Aunt Shirley’ Quilt

Portland Sewdown

It has been a couple of week since the MQG Portland Sewdown, but I still want to tell you all how wonderful an event it was.  I wish that I could attend the Nashville one in April!  I have made several quilts and I have sewn for a long time and, yes, I learned a few new things!  My favorite class was Heather Jones’ class You + Me.  She is a lovely person inside and out and you could feel that through her teaching.  I made one portion of the quilt in class (which is shown in the photo of myself and Lauren Lang) and have almost finished the rest at home.

The committee who put together the event did a great job lining up interesting lectures.  Learning about an artist’s way of developing a collection intrigued me.  Both Violet Craft and Valori Wells’ lectures on the subject were captivating.  I can’t wait to make something with both of their up coming collections.

I found the women who attended the best part of the entire weekend.  I was throughly exhausted during and afterwards because my creativity was pushed and spent!  I hope I can keep in touch with all of my new friends and see them again.  Maybe at QuiltCon next February?

You + Me

MQG SewDown in Portland

Finally, the fun of 80 women in their element has begun.  Lauren and I got into Portland yesterday and were greeted with a Coloradoish snow storm.  We could hardly tell that we weren’t in Denver.   No worries, we will not be leaving this beautiful swanky hotel, the Nines (www.thenines.com), for anything more than a quick look into some fun downtown shops.  Last night was a casual affair with open sew time and manicures compliments of Soak (www.soakwash.com).  Soak has a great new starch-free smoothing spray called “flatter” that we were able to test last night and it is impressive.  Definitely worth a try.