2016 Sew My Stash of Scraps

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 5.40.09 PMWhat to do with the scraps I have.  The ones I loved when they were fat quarters or yardage.  After finishing a project, I know I shouldn’t throw the scraps away.  Pretty soon I have too many to ignore.  Today I started a January Project.  Sew MY Stash of Scraps.  I finished yellow, green, and aqua.  I do not feel guilty getting rid of the scraps that are left from these blocks.  I can say that I have used them more than once and I wasn’t wasteful. Maybe next January I will do the same with the scraps I collect this year.  Stay tuned.

The Year My Guild Truly Bonded

IMG_1977Seeing this quilt hanging at the International Quilt Festival made my eyes tear up.  My heart even raced for a moment and then a beautiful calm filled me full.  This quilt is the brain child of The Denver Metro Modern Quilt Guild.  One member had an idea and  presented it at a meeting.  By the following meeting we were laying out the blocks that 28 members had made and contributed.  And then at the next month’s meeting we were all standing in front of it in a state of amazement.  It bonded us like no other project could.  I’m still collecting my thoughts on why this has had such an impact on our guild, however, for now I can say that I know it has made us bold and confident in our voice as a guild.

Snapshots of Quilt Market


One of the best Quilty moments this past year was experiencing quilt market for the first time.  Working with Pink Door Fabrics gave me the opportunity.  It was incredible to walk the isles and see so much inspiration and fun!  I have a lot of photos to share but I think this is a good one to start the ball rolling.  Follow these links for to see the shots I took:  http://blog.pinkdoorfabrics.com/market-day-1/ http://blog.pinkdoorfabrics.com/market-day-3/

Nini’s Wild Flower Garden

Juanita Quilt copy

This quilt is 100% my mother. I saw it hanging in a local quilt shop and immediately bought the kit with every intention of making it for her quickly (it was so easy!)  I brought it home and for some reason it got stashed away.  Three years passed before I finished and gifted it.  Thankfully it brings her joy… Does anyone else suffer from the guilt of letting unfinished projects sit for too long?

Me Against Modern


I know people say that they “love a challenge.”  I’ve been guilty of it on occasion, but when it comes to tackling a very large modern quilt, I can’t say I LOVE that challenge.  I love it once I figure out what I am going to do, but I’ll never fool you by saying inspiration comes fast!  I stared at this quilt for a long time.  It was king size.  The top had been completed many, many years earlier (around 25) and the piecer was ready to get it all the way done.  Once I decided on design, it was a joy to quilt.  I love that she pieced it in the 1990’s and a modern quilter would piece it today.  I felt responsibility towards quilting it in a timeless modern fashion.  There was a lot of custom quilting done, but it proved to be worth every stitch.


Quilts make lasting friendships!


You never know where you may meet someone that ends up being special in your life.  I know that I have met many great people through quilts.  This photo makes me smile for two reasons.  One, the baklava looks like a quilt and two, it shows two of my favorite girls.   Emily is my daughter, but Jennifer might be a daughter a never knew I had.  We met at a local guild several years ago and through quilting our friendship grew and now I love spending time with her no matter what we are doing.  Although, I really like sharing quilting with her…