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What is longarm quilting?  I get this question a lot from friends and family who know “literally” what a quilt is, but otherwise never realized that there is a variety of processes and steps to completing a quilt.  Two of the most familiar steps are piecing and quilting.  Longarm quilting uses a specific industrial sewing machine to “sandwich” the three layers that comprise a quilt together with precise stitches using thread (the process of quilting).

My services

I am lucky enough to own a Gammil Statler Stitcher longarm quilting machine.  For me, it is a dream come true.  I have found a platform to express myself and have a business of my own.  What I do is called “quilting service for hire.”  The longarm quilting machine allows me to use precise patterns to add another dimension to your pieced quilt top.  My machine is equipped with a sophisticated CAD (Computer Aided Design) software called Creative Studio.  There are so many things we can accomplish with our shared creativity and this software.  I would love to help you finish your quilt the way that you have imagined it to be.  Or, if that seems overwhelming, you can let me design a unique set of patterns that compliment your pieced top.

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  1. Linda Hicks

    Hi, I was wondering where you’re located. I’m at E-470 & Quincy. I have a couple of antique quilt tops that need to be quilted. You can reach me at 520-405-5514. Thanks!

  2. Deborah Chandler

    Hi Amy! I live in Boulder and I am looking for someone that will finish my quilt tops. While I like putting the tops together, I won’t do the actual quilting. I am planning to make 2 crib quilts. I’m wondering what your turn around time looks like if I could get these 2 tops to you before the end of October. They are both for babies that are due at the end of the year. I have been waiting to learn boy/girl before I get started. Can you help?? Your work is beautiful!!! Thanks so much, Deborah

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