#2017FALQ3  “Finish Along Goals!”

  1. Cori Dantini Christmas Quilt, king size
  2. Lizzy House Mystery Quilt from #SewtopiaDenver , throw size
  3. Me + You throw size
  4. Falling leaves (just needs to be bound!
  5. Blocks 1 – 8 of Tula Pink City Sampler.  This will be a throw size.
  6. My 2016 Scrap Buster,  queen size

Lets Get them done!!

Edub Mod D9Patch

This is my favorite quilt that I have made… so far.  A modern disappearing 9 patch.  I am currently writing and testing the pattern for this so stay tuned.  If you want to test the pattern, leave me your information.

My Favorite Finish

Courtesy of Wendy Bermingham

This quilt is so beautiful to me!  It is a creation from Wendy Bermingham but she will be quick to say that Chelsea O’Harye helped pick the fabric.  A wonderful collaboration. @wendybzquilting  www.pinkdoorfabrics.com @pinkdoorfabrics


Yes, It Is Time To Push Reset

For the first time in many, many years a push of the reset button is needed for Amy Wade. The numerous changes in my life during 2016 (all VERY GOOD) leads me to believe a fresh start is the first thing on Amy Wade Originals agenda.  This website is about my business and my creativity.  A reset isn’t going to be possible until I clear the “to do shelf” in my studio and there is one quilt leftover from last year that must get finished.  This is my accountability spot.  Today, January 9, 2017, I’m finishing a very dear friend’s custom order.  The humorous part of not having this finished is that I am the one who begged her to let me customize it.

P.S.  I’m having lunch with her tomorrow so it would be a thrill to give it to her then!

P.P.S.  This IS the first day of my business year because my kiddo’s school went back this morning.  PRAISE, PRAISE, PRAISE.  Can I get Amen on that?

Quilt for Auction


I am really looking forward to sharing this quilt tonight with the BookTrust crowd.  It is up for auction and although you never know how quilts will be received in an auction situation I will tell you that it was made with love and I know it will make someone very happy.  Thanks to Wendy Bermingham and Chelsea O’Hayre for their help in making this.


QuiltCon 2016

New Ruler Love – Stripology

Stripology Ruler

I am in the middle of a new quilt that I can’t wait to finish. Normally I dread cutting pieces when I know I have a lot to do.  However, I found a new love and I’m bursting at the seams to share it with you.  It is the Stripology Ruler from Creative Grid.  To truly appreciate it’s power you need to watch their video  http://www.creativegridsusa.com/products/CGRGE1 .  I am not kidding when I say I cut 2,000 3″ squares (precisely, mind you) in couple hours.  Check it out!

Little Mug Rug #1

mug rug_Snapseed

FINALLY!  Finally, I found a project for the patchwork on the right.  Finally, I made a mug rug.  Do you have a project in the back of your mind that you really want to do but you never find the time?  For me that was a mug rug.  They are so cute, however do I really need to use my sewing time to do such a silly little thing?  I say YES!  And I love it!  And I found a great use for a patchwork sampler I did months ago when I was testing a new technique.

For those of you who might like to do your own, let me tell you what I did for this one.

  1. Found this patchwork which was twenty-one 2″ charm squares sewn together      (on the right in the photo).
  2. Then I started slicing and dicing and sewing it back together!
  3. Cropped it down to a 7″ x 9″ rectangle.
  4. Sandwiched it with a back and batting.
  5. Straight line quilted until my bobbin ran out.
  6. Found a stray 2″ strip of white for the binding.
  7. Bound it.
  8. And there it is on the left!