Me Against Modern


I know people say that they “love a challenge.”  I’ve been guilty of it on occasion, but when it comes to tackling a very large modern quilt, I can’t say I LOVE that challenge.  I love it once I figure out what I am going to do, but I’ll never fool you by saying inspiration comes fast!  I stared at this quilt for a long time.  It was king size.  The top had been completed many, many years earlier (around 25) and the piecer was ready to get it all the way done.  Once I decided on design, it was a joy to quilt.  I love that she pieced it in the 1990’s and a modern quilter would piece it today.  I felt responsibility towards quilting it in a timeless modern fashion.  There was a lot of custom quilting done, but it proved to be worth every stitch.


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