Schnitzel and Boo Mini Swap

project miniI am more than a little nervous to send off my schnitzel and boo mini. Making something for a complete stranger, what was I thinking? The hashtag #makeaquiltmakeafriend was the siren that sucked me into another challenge and although I am glad, I do think I am a little crazy. A mini? Really! I did not think this one through. I am not that great of a piecer and a mini can truly show off all the short comings of matching corners, points, etc. However, my imagination saved me and I decided to focus on my quilting and do one of my soon to be famous wonky stars with lots of negative space. I also plan to put some enviable goodies into the box when I mail it off today. Other surprises should lesson the blow of a non-intricate pieced mini. I hope I can call my swap buddy a friend!!!

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