Pink me an Iron

IMG_1732I feel so retro and domesticated posting this.  I love this new iron.  Well, new to me.  The fact that it is pink makes it all the better.  It is powerful.  I have been limping along with a few Shark irons acquired from Costco or Target and knew that I needed to upgrade my tool selection.  I used an Oliso at the Portland Sewdown and got used to the fact that you don’t have to keep setting it up on its end, “time saver.”  But what I also got used to was just how good the heat and steam was to work with.  I love a flat, flat seam.

Domesticated ironing is underrated.  I know that I haven’t taught my daughter how to iron properly and I can add that to the list of shortcomings along with teaching basic cooking.  (She can boil and egg and make a grilled cheese, though.)  When I was young my biggest chore was the ironing.  I would let it all pile up until Sunday and then stand there for hours ironing everyone’s shirts and pants.  ( The fashion time frame: it was after the polyester trend and before good no wrinkle cotton.)  My father was in the military so I learned to press his uniform shirts.  I got good, real good.  So good that now I send my husband’s shirt out.  I achieved the pinnacle of ironing bliss.  But maybe now that I have this new iron I could start pocketing the dry cleaning money and use it for more fabric… ah, NO!  Once that summit has been scaled you can’t go back.  But I will have fun with my flat, flat seams.

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