Summer Project of My Youth

IMG_1169Hello Summer and thank you for starting with such wonderful weather.  I’ve already lost time to the pool and friends.  I think a change of schedule, timing wise, is probably in order for the three months ahead.  Early morning and late afternoon quilting.

Not too long ago I was reminded of the summer of 1977.  I spent a lot of time at my Great Aunt Muriel’s house in Shenandoah, Iowa.  “Shen”, that’s is what we called it, was a town of about 3,000 people and a huge outdoor cement swimming pool.  My brother and I would walk to the pool each day, taking a route that probably looked a little haphazard to anyone but us.  We kind of explored our way there.  I love small towns.  But every day couldn’t be a pool day with the hot Iowa sun, so I found a project to keep me occupied when we weren’t outside.  Good old Woolworth’s!  The block pictured above is from the embroidery kit I picked out.  I loved working methodically on these squares.  And amazingly, I never got tired of the color pink.

Recently I was at Treelotta ( in Denver and a woman had a very similar quilt on their quilting machine.   It had been a project of her mother’s  and she was trying to finish it with the help of Teresa by getting it finally quilted.  It was amazing to see her mother’s quilt top together.  I never got all my blocks together, but I did finish the embroidery on them.  Now that I have seen one finished I just might get nostalgic and finish mine up this summer.  For now, I have this one block finished as a mini quilt.


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