Purging, Purging, Purging, Ugh

This weekend we are clearing out our basement so that we can have it finished.  As with most people, we have a lot of stuff.  We moved to this house a few years ago and in that process purged and the last few years I’ve been mindful that the day will come that everything still down there will come upstairs.  So, I thought that I was doing a great job purging, even after our move.  Let me say, this past week I have become friends with the drop off man at our new Goodwill Store!  I’m gonna miss him.

That is my way of complaining that I had to make some decisions on what to give away, what to pack away (for the duration of the build) and what I will focus on the next 10 weeks.  My quilting machine will be moved upstairs, right in the middle of our living space.  I think it is a good time to focus on long arming and have my personal quilt projects on hold for awhile.  Here is a photo of the machine as it is now, in the basement.  I’ll post what it looks like upstairs in a week.  My family is going to get tired of the staccato of the stitches, but I won’t.


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